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Free Raffles

The Christmas Raffles arrive!

This holiday season, Casa Vivaldi gives you 3 stays, for a total of 9 people in 3 different Raffles, so you enjoy Granada with your family or with your friends.

Get your ticket for each of the three Raffles and … Good luck!


Room for 2 people

Breakfast included


Room for 3 people

Breakfast included


Room for 4 people

Breakfast included

It’s FREE!!!

… and you just need a mailing address and five minutes to get your Tickets and participate in the Christmas Raffles!

How do I get the Christmas Raffle Tickets?

Time remaining for the draw

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1 Double room

(1 king-size or 2 twin-size) for one night (Raffle R009)

1 Triple Room

(1 king-size + 1 twin-size or 3 twin-size) for one night (Raffle R010)

1 Quadruple Room

(1 king-size + 2 twin-size) for one night (Raffle R011)

International Breakfasts included

(Typical + Continental)

Exclusive access to our pool

Total Value of the Prizes: USD 297.00

How to claim the Prizes

Check availability for the dates you want here


Reserve your Room by sending us an email from the same address that you deposited at the time of getting the Tickets



Each user is entitled to a free Ticket for each Raffle. Of all the users participating in each Raffle, a single Winner will be drawn. There is no minimum number of participants per Raffle: if there is only one participant, he will be the Winner.

The Draw of the 3 Raffles will be live on our YouTube channel the Sunday 2017 December, 31th at 2:00 p.m. The Winner will be notified directly through the email address registered at the time of obtaining the Tickets. Only said address will be taken into account when claiming the Prizes.

The Winner can benefit from the Prize in a maximum of 6 months from the date of the draw, after which the Prize will expire. The Prize is not transferable, meaning that the Winner must be one of the guests who will enjoy the Prize.

All participants in the Raffles agree to be included in the Casa Vivaldi database, which guarantees that the email addresses provided will not be commercialized, but will be used exclusively for the commercial purposes of Casa Vivaldi. Casa Vivaldi is committed to protecting the privacy of such information.

The owners of Casa Vivaldi and their first-degree relatives can not participate in the Raffles.



Ticket Problems

Question: Why do not I see the Ticket in the message I received?

Not showing images: enable "show images" in your browser

Question: Why did not I receive the email with my Ticket?

- Check your spam folder

- You have to authorize the following address:

If you do not solve the problem, send us a message


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