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May the Free Patriotic Raffles Live!

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May the Free Patriotic Raffles Live!

That’s right, now the Casa Vivaldi Raffles are free !!!

It only takes a couple of minutes to get the Ticket totally free to participate in the raffle that is already running.

On the occasion of the Nicaragua Independence Day, Casa Vivaldi releases its free Raffles.

The winner will be entitled to one night stay for two people in our facilities, all-inclusive.


Free Raffles can last from 7 days to … 24 hours!

To not miss even one of them, put “I like it” on our Facebook page: when you will see the R001 Draw post, you will be able to  get the Raffle R002 Ticket, and so on.


Get your Ticket!


How do I get my free ticket? (video)